Friday, January 11, 2008

New Curriculum

For me Xmas is like going to the dentist painful at the time but you soon get over it.
So I'm glad i didnt slag it off like I was going too.
Now it would just be churlish.
Tonight i'm off to see Can not buy my soul at the State Theatre.
It features the songs of one of Australia's great songwriters Kev Carmody.
The fact that he is aboriginal does have some bearing on his work.
I'm glad I got to go as I mixed and recorded on of the tracks on this record as well as working with Kev back in the day.
I have an embarrassing abundance of shows i'm off to including Byork and The Arcade Fire.
With out going to the Big day yob out.
Read Blind Faith Ben Eltons new book.
Mr Elton wrote Black adder one of the great British Comedies.
This book isnt that funny.
It's kind of put me off blogging and podcasting a bit.
It's set in a future world where privacy is forbidden.
Blogging and you tubing are compulsory.
London is nearly underwater and everyone is fat and seminaked.
It's a ridiculous nightmare dystopia.
And kind of close to the bone.
I might make it part of the curriculum.
Am taking the family to Tasmania next week.
I want to go there to see all the usual stuff- rainforests and wild rivers and also to check it out for a future escape plan.
I apologies to my students in advance.
This term has been a disaster as far as getting podcasts out on time.
Partly my fault , partly theirs, equipment dramas, overload, it hasn't been easy.
Hopefully I gave them something to think about in the maelstrom.
Note to self never teach two consecutive classes ever again.