Friday, April 28, 2006

Holiday in the Vic Alps

Look I don't want to bore you with holiday snaps but I feel it is my duty to point out this primo holiday destination with a few photos.
The Victorian Alps are an amazing place in Autumn. Lots of trees in a multitude of hues, berry farms and wineries and large (for Australia ) mountains.
I did a bit of trout fishing and manged to catch two (Alas at the trout farm).
Still delicious with fresh chestnuts and a mescal salad.
Oh and there was snow on Mt.Hotham which was totally great for the kids who managed to get soaking wet in a couple of minutes.
Theres my holiday plug-only seven hours by car from Sydney!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Modern life is a chinese puzzle

Looks like bloggers are the disproportionate makers of news and purveyors of influence acording to this article We are "influentuals" and you can ignore us at your peril. Of course the CIA being an intelligence agency have already figured this out.They trawl the blogospherelooking for clues and weapons of mass destruction. As one of the class found out the internet is a very public domain and you don't have to hold a seance to attract spooks.
The price of petrol is in the news again. It has rocketed from $10 a barrel in 1998 to over $70 a barrel today. Ask yourself why? Perhaps it is because we have picked all the easy fruit off the oil tree and now we have to clamber up the trnk amongst the thorns to get the fruit that's left.Don't believe me ? Read what "Rich Dad/Poor Dad has to say about it. He wouldn't lie to ya.
Which is why I'm taking my family on a road trip to the Victorian Alps for some walking and maybe some trout fishing.
Yes I know hypocrisy is the grease on wheels of our society.
Because I'm not just using petrol we may need to grow food and medicine, I'm also creating greenhouse gaseswhich will ruin the party for everyone.
Help me out of this morale dilema please.
Surely the rainforest I'm planting gets me off the hook?
And the worm farm that must be worth something too?
And that time I walked to the shops?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Python Falls from the Sky

Went for a big walk in the Royal on sunday.
20 kms from Waterfall down to Lady Carrington and back to Audley then up the hill home.
We were walking through this lush rainforest when something crashed down out of the canopy.
"Look out theres a big snake fallen out of the trees" says Mike nervously from behind me.
"Yeah , sure there is" I say.
But there was and it was huge.
What are the hances of that ?Right in front of my feet .A beautiful 15 foot diamond python that had caught a flying fox and proceeded to crush it in it's coils.
We watched tranfixed.

Nature is cruel and takes no prisoners.
I take a few photos.
Don't get too close my friends say.
It's OK I know parseltounge.
It might bite they warn.
Maybe we should have lunch I say.

So we eat our lunch while the snake eats his.
Two coincidences.
My previous post was about a bat and I am currently reading a book on Monty Python.
Does this mean I am the new David Attenborough?
Or should I take up comedy?
Snakes don't fall at your feet every day you know!