Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Python Falls from the Sky

Went for a big walk in the Royal on sunday.
20 kms from Waterfall down to Lady Carrington and back to Audley then up the hill home.
We were walking through this lush rainforest when something crashed down out of the canopy.
"Look out theres a big snake fallen out of the trees" says Mike nervously from behind me.
"Yeah , sure there is" I say.
But there was and it was huge.
What are the hances of that ?Right in front of my feet .A beautiful 15 foot diamond python that had caught a flying fox and proceeded to crush it in it's coils.
We watched tranfixed.

Nature is cruel and takes no prisoners.
I take a few photos.
Don't get too close my friends say.
It's OK I know parseltounge.
It might bite they warn.
Maybe we should have lunch I say.

So we eat our lunch while the snake eats his.
Two coincidences.
My previous post was about a bat and I am currently reading a book on Monty Python.
Does this mean I am the new David Attenborough?
Or should I take up comedy?
Snakes don't fall at your feet every day you know!


Prowling moose said...

A diamond Python eating a flying fox !! like it.

Now you don't get those stroies back in the UK eh?

Anonymous said...

aaaah my man. what falls from the heavens is blog's work and blog's work should be taken seriously.