Friday, April 28, 2006

Holiday in the Vic Alps

Look I don't want to bore you with holiday snaps but I feel it is my duty to point out this primo holiday destination with a few photos.
The Victorian Alps are an amazing place in Autumn. Lots of trees in a multitude of hues, berry farms and wineries and large (for Australia ) mountains.
I did a bit of trout fishing and manged to catch two (Alas at the trout farm).
Still delicious with fresh chestnuts and a mescal salad.
Oh and there was snow on Mt.Hotham which was totally great for the kids who managed to get soaking wet in a couple of minutes.
Theres my holiday plug-only seven hours by car from Sydney!


snowbaby said...

that's amazing!!going to nature place to have picnic , going fishing in rill, playing guitar ,listening to the sound of water,breathing the fresh air, seeing birds flying in the sky~etc...i will be there when i have long holiday ^^

gula gula said...

Waww, it must be very interesting to get out from daily life and have a vacation. Btw, i love fishing. Could you tell me where is the nearest place in NSW to do trout fishing?