Monday, October 31, 2005

Bring your flipping Headphones

Hope you all remember to bring some headphones.
They have promised me that our equipment will arrive soon but who knows, nevertheless we will be getting stuck into Audacity this class.
I've had a traumatic week so I must give apologies for my tardy entries.
Saw a great film last night"Crash" all about race relations in America.
A very clever film. No one is what they seem. Your assumptions are challenged all the time.
Just when you thought Hollywood was a rotten carcass along comes something fresh and tasty.
This is more of a concern. Looks like Australia might not roll over so quickly.
What were they were thinking......
Trying to put through some very very important legislation on Melbourne cup day. Were they hoping we'd all be too drunk to notice........

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here is a interesting thing

Here is a link to a great story on the battle for control of the internet.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The real meaning of the word Idiot.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but the original meaning of the word idiot ( which comes from Ancient Greece) is one who is only interested in private life ie one who plays no part in Democracy. The Greeks were big on democracy, at least for men.
Unfortunately women had to wait another 2500 years or so.
Just thought that was interesting.
Also interesting is the fact Idiot box is slang for TV.

There are interesting winds blowing in Washington at the moment.
Seems there may have been a conspiracy to silence a diplomat who was investigating forged documents used to justify the war in Iraq.
You can read about it HERE
Also some interesting reactions to Australia's anti-terror laws.
Humour is used in this one.
Who are we fighting this week Oceania?
Thats a reference to your favourite book Winston.
I was going to quote a section but decided it would scare my meagre audience.

The week end went quickly as it always does.
I made a feeble attempt to clear some privett from the future rainforest opposite my house.
I didn't get any ticks which totally love me so that was good.
Met my new niece (see below). She had the most bewitching eyes.Seemed to like me.
Of course new borns can't really see much so she might change her mind when her eyesight improves.
May the farce be with you.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Teaching and meetings and meetings about teaching

Teachers have to go to a lot of meetings and they have to learn a lot of acronyms too.
They also have to deal with a lot of curriculum commisioned by managment and written by people who seem ill qualified.
You get music courses written by plumbers and other strange mismatching.
Don't worry Winston this course is being written by moi.
And I am a hopeless plumber although I made plum jam once.
I dont think it set.
I must link to this early Blog for a good description of what a blog is.
One of my film students asked me to be in his film, being a homeless person.
I had to decline, not that there is anything wrong with the part but I can't spare the time.
Secretly of course I am a closet actor so I should jump at the part but my agent said I should wait for a better offer.
Strangley I scored the part of a doctor just minutes later which I said I'd think about.
It was almost a delicate situation which I handled with utmost indiscetion.
I wish I was better at telling lies.
So off to more meetings tommorrow, better practise some fibbing skills.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Big Brother is not a TV show

Well check this out.
Want to check your email?
Seems like Winston isn't a flatmate in a silly TV show.
Seems he might have been Italian.
Get a identity less yahoo mailbox now before it's too late.
All over the world Government are cracking down a supposed threat.
I'm feeling deja vu.
Perhaps those disinclined to check out 1984 the movie could have a look at

Lastly a great speech from the editor of Harpers Magazine
Ignorance is strength,comrade.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

See my new niece.

Her name is Scarlett.
As in O'hara.

What have I done?

Today I launched a thousand blogs.
Well not quite but we certainly did a bit for the cause.
If there are 40 million blogs we have increased there number by.0000000056%.
Don't bother to check my maths- I just made it up.
Find teaching International students an interesting experience and feel very lucky to have such a decent bunch.
Some real characters.
Esp. since I have a little peephole into their psyche with regards to their blogs.
Had trouble with my voice, just wasn't up to too much vocal work.
Maybe I should switch to singing?
Or sign language?
Or telepathy?
Anyway seemed like both classes went super well today.
Will actually relax when I have worked out photocopiers and door locks etc.
Working in the Mac lab is so much better for me.
Will talk more on this later.
Still no sign of equipment.
Better hurry up or I'll get jolly baity.
See you in Class!

Monday, October 17, 2005

To be honest am I really being honest

There is a paradox in blogging and all diary writing.
The more honest they are, the more interesting they become which can only mean the more dangerous they are to the person telling the truth. The blog can be read by a spouse,a boss or a Government and that can land the writer into hot water, sacked or a permanent holiday in Siberia.
Conversely I guess the more dishonest/imaginative they are, the more interesting they become too.
Or a Tom Clancy novel or even a Dan Brown.
But I forgot Dear Reader, you may not read.
Another paradox.
The above are cheesy novelists.

Can one be trully honest with ones self?
We are all onions peel off one layer only to find another, and yes to extend the metaphor I guess we are all smelly at times and can make people cry too.
The danger with searching your soul is you may find you don't really have one or part of it missing or it's not what you were expecting.
Lisa Simpson said a soul has to be earned and she would know.
See you in class!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Meet the Students

Day one went well I think.
Morning class are a lovely bunch.
Seemed very into it.
Stayed past the bell which is unusual.
Think perhaps I have made it too easy and need to try for more podcasting.
Afternoon class are lovely too but had a case of the afternoon attention span deficit.
Perhaps I was dull? Impossible!
Although I was full from lunch at the Japanese down the stairs.
Looked at some food blog sites.
Definity have to make this course full of suprises.
Wondering about the old PC's they've given me.
May have to throw a hissy fit!
There is so much happening out in the blogosphere and the podosphere too.
Thinking of changing my pseudonym to Peter Podcast.What do you think?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Dipping my toes into cyber-ink

Firstly the irony of starting my first blog the night before I start teaching a near university level course investigating blogging and podcasting is not lost on me but how hard can it be?
Well trickier than thought.
I discovered a aussie blog hosting site called whitepages and thought being a patriot I'd try it.
Two tries and a peeved letter resulted in no luck , no log in.
I think the templates for pages were a bit daggy too. (Daggy is slang for uncool,unfashionable)
So much for being a patriot.
Still I bought Australian fetta cheese the other day even though it cost more than the danish stuff.
Euro subsidies no doubt.
Ended here at blogger and it feels OK.
So tomorrow I embark on a slightly new but interesting road teaching mostly foreign students the ins and outs of Citizen Journalism.
Will be the guide on the side for sure.