Monday, October 17, 2005

To be honest am I really being honest

There is a paradox in blogging and all diary writing.
The more honest they are, the more interesting they become which can only mean the more dangerous they are to the person telling the truth. The blog can be read by a spouse,a boss or a Government and that can land the writer into hot water, sacked or a permanent holiday in Siberia.
Conversely I guess the more dishonest/imaginative they are, the more interesting they become too.
Or a Tom Clancy novel or even a Dan Brown.
But I forgot Dear Reader, you may not read.
Another paradox.
The above are cheesy novelists.

Can one be trully honest with ones self?
We are all onions peel off one layer only to find another, and yes to extend the metaphor I guess we are all smelly at times and can make people cry too.
The danger with searching your soul is you may find you don't really have one or part of it missing or it's not what you were expecting.
Lisa Simpson said a soul has to be earned and she would know.
See you in class!

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