Monday, October 10, 2005

Dipping my toes into cyber-ink

Firstly the irony of starting my first blog the night before I start teaching a near university level course investigating blogging and podcasting is not lost on me but how hard can it be?
Well trickier than thought.
I discovered a aussie blog hosting site called whitepages and thought being a patriot I'd try it.
Two tries and a peeved letter resulted in no luck , no log in.
I think the templates for pages were a bit daggy too. (Daggy is slang for uncool,unfashionable)
So much for being a patriot.
Still I bought Australian fetta cheese the other day even though it cost more than the danish stuff.
Euro subsidies no doubt.
Ended here at blogger and it feels OK.
So tomorrow I embark on a slightly new but interesting road teaching mostly foreign students the ins and outs of Citizen Journalism.
Will be the guide on the side for sure.

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