Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What have I done?

Today I launched a thousand blogs.
Well not quite but we certainly did a bit for the cause.
If there are 40 million blogs we have increased there number by.0000000056%.
Don't bother to check my maths- I just made it up.
Find teaching International students an interesting experience and feel very lucky to have such a decent bunch.
Some real characters.
Esp. since I have a little peephole into their psyche with regards to their blogs.
Had trouble with my voice, just wasn't up to too much vocal work.
Maybe I should switch to singing?
Or sign language?
Or telepathy?
Anyway seemed like both classes went super well today.
Will actually relax when I have worked out photocopiers and door locks etc.
Working in the Mac lab is so much better for me.
Will talk more on this later.
Still no sign of equipment.
Better hurry up or I'll get jolly baity.
See you in Class!

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