Sunday, July 30, 2006

We are History's playthings

Recently was informed by a Indonesian student that protection of religious belief is enshrined in Indonesia's constitution. All 5 beliefs were protected he said. I could guess four ,Hindu ,Muslim,Buddhist and Christian but what was the other I asked?
Not Christian-Catholic and Protestant he replied.
Yes of course the writers of that document must have been aware that ever since Martin Luther banged his little protest note up on a church door Christians (whose central doctrine is surely love thy neighbour) have been at each others throats. We had the Thirty years war and The St. Barthothemew's Day Massacre, not to forget a couple of English civil wars and The Troubles in Ireland.. It's been going on for five hundred years and the good news is it's just about stopped. A war of centuries can turn to peace if there is sufficient will and disgust for blood shed.
Which brings us to the Vexed Middle East.
What can anyone say except the obvious-Stop killing each other!
I want to take neither side, a dead child is a dead child, hate begets hate, and two wrongs don't make a right.
Can you fight for peace? Or only pray for it?
Is love stronger than hate? People can forgive but can they ever forget?
In time anything is possible.......
Read some blogs below, make your own judgments what is truth and which is propaganda?
It's a very hard call.
An excellent article on blogging from Beirut
And in a strange twist of fate Mel "Passion of Christ"Gibson is the talk of blogs all over the world for his Anti-Jewish drunken rant at a cop.This is so strange how fortunes can reverse-See Andrew Sullivans blog.Was he some kind of lightning rod,picking up signals from an evil entity because for a Hollywood Star there is certainly no quicker way to stuff up your career than the words he spouted.
Like William Wallace he may find himself being hung,drawn and quartered...for a few days anyway, until the next Celebrity Train Wreck pulls off the station.

Friday, July 21, 2006

To the top of the blogcharts

I recently fixed some blogcounting chicklets to my brother's site.One from belligerent's and another from Top Blog sites. You can watch your self go up (or down) the charts, it's quite a interesting distraction. Currently he is number one in his section on Blogrankers which is smaller and Number 19 on top blogsites.He is in the personal section there along with the randy girls and chronic mastubaters and bottom smackers. He wanted to be there, don't ask me why.Maybe he wants some other blogs to "riff "off. I spent a bit of time perusing these sites and they really are rubbish,I admit. In a burgeoning field where one can write anything they want to, inspire some art and imagination and propogate worldchanging new thoughts but the vast majority of blogs appeal to the lowest common denominator, it's true. Celebrity blogs are huge and so are porn blogs.
Each to their own I guess, pun intended.
Hope you brought your headphones.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Never, ever trust computers.(and maybe teenage girls)

Bought a new piece of gear a little while ago for my studio down the back.
A Focusrite trackmaster pro. Sounds impressive, huh?
It is lovely bit of "frontend" a preamp which is the first thing a microphone hits and therefore is extremely important for audiophiles like moi. Focusrite are like the Rolls Royce of audio or one of them at least and actually it's the cheapest thing they make.
It does seem to make a real difference.
I got a chance to use it during the week as I got a little job recording a version of a Kev Carmody song called "the Streets of London".
Kev is an aboriginal singer of some note who I got to work with in a small way ages ago.
After working on this song for a whole day I went back to mix it a couple of days later only to find some of the tracks had disappeared totally.
I got a sick nauseous feeling like when the school bully singled you out for treatment after school.
After a bit of panic I realised we'd only lost a few things and luckily could get them redone with out too much bother but will it all be there next time I open it up?
I would feel better if I could constuct a theory.......
Well actually I can.
You see I was doing this round at a good friends house and he had had a visit from his teenage daughter and she loves to get on his computer and check her Myspace and stuff.
But I couldn't really make accusations.
It wouldn't have been right and besides it would have helped anyway.
So we re did the missing bits and will keep our fingers crossed.
Sadly the legendary recluse Syd Barrett died again yestaday.
Here is an excellent post with lots of links to early footage etc. about the man who started Pink Floyd and who spiraled into psychosis.
Without out him would there have been a David Bowie or a Robert Smith?
Certainly his brief career inspired a whos who of rock music.
Shine on you crazey diamond.

Finally a short message from our sponsor.
Do bring your headphones as tomorrow we will be entering the world of sound!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Declarations and Straussian Intrigues

Well it's the day after Independence Day which celebrates the day the New world broke from the Old.
You may have seen National Treasure with Nic Cage, you will know the almost mystical reverance that Americans hold this document.
And probably rightly so.
Have you ever read it?
Try it NOW .
Written by Thomas Jefferson , notice the use of the words Nature's God.
They were fairly enlightened the founding Fathers and most of them were Deists.
That is they believed in an organising cosmic intelligence but didn't subscribe to any creed of religion.
They liked JCs simple teachings but considered him just a man.
I like their philosophy.
However ever the current Administration may be under the influence of an entirely different fellow.
Meet Leo Strauss.
Straus apparently is admired by Richard Perle and a whole bunch of Project for a New American Century chaps.
Strauss is at the total opposite from The Lamb when he said "those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and that there is only one natural right, the right of the superior to rule over the inferior".
Sounds awfully like Darth Vader to me. Or some one even nastier.
Of course I've already warned you that bloggers are being watched. Heres some more proof straight from the Dept of Offence.
Yes your right they're only following orders from Big Brother. No No No, Not the TV show.
It's all so Orwellian. A great example of double think.
And seeing as this entry has ended a little darkly why not some light relief.
Yes folks sit back, break out the popcorn and enjoy 1984.