Monday, November 28, 2005

Why rainy days are best

Yesterday just teemed down and I remembered how great that is for getting stuff done.
I worked all day at my friend Micheals studio, trying to finish off some tracks for the Karmic Hit christmas give away. Did some good work with no crashes or stuff ups but am feeling a little tired today.
This is why Melbourne is a much more inducive to artistic endevour.
Final week for my Music business students. They have to hand in assignments and practical work for marking.Will be sad to see them go as always.
Hopefully my afternoon podcasters had a successful time out in the field with no mishaps.(It's my butt on the line).
Here is a little article on a sound designer for computer games.
Students with more than one blog might want to check out super glue
This will get you thinking. Seems 90% of students in NSW selective schools are from a non english background. Mostly from China and Korea. Are Asian students are just more motivated? Less distracted and focused on the game? If your parents are working non stop to put you through school you have do your best.
And make your mark.

Monday, November 21, 2005

My son stole my bandwidth

Yes that's my lame excuse for not posting this week.
I have a 7 year old son who hogs the computer. He trades neopets, which is suposed to be like the stock market. I guess theres a slim chance he might be learning how to make a fortune but I'm not sure. I watched the bandwidth dissapear until it ground to a crawl.
So I had to cough up to get extra. The joys of parenting.
Have you seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang yet?
It is hilarious in a way that you might think I shouldn't be laughing at this but....
Also saw The Corpse Bride which is macabre and heartwarming at the same time.
There are two interesting movies about to be released.Heres a review. Oil and suicide bombers theres a link there somewhere.
Heres a great blog about blogging.
Apparently there is now a trade show for podcasters.
Also the rules for gathering an audience. Which we should all take note of....
A good podcast should have
• Truth rather than dishonesty
• Goodness rather than evil
• Beauty
• Unity
• Aliveness
• Uniqueness
• Perfection
• Simplicity
• Richness
• Effortlessness
• Playfulness
• Meaningfulness
• Passion
Is that aiming too high?
We create our own reality. Ask any quantum physicist.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Whoops No World!

I read a lot of interesting news stories that are really quite grim.
I guess I am a little like the guy watching the aftermath of a car accident, I just can't help myself.
On the other hand grim stories are easy to find.
Heres an example.
Seems like the Amazon is drying up which is a real worry seeing as it's the largest source of fresh water in the world.
I find the idea of manatees and fresh water dolphins drying out on a river bank deeply disturbing.
Pass me another world waiter this ones dry.
If you thought blogging was for only for panty waists, geeks and girly men, then check this out.
Seems the riots/revolution in France is being provoked by bloggers.
Yes bloggers are the new pamphleteers.
In China there is a sexual Blogalution going on apparently.
Young and not so young ladies command huge audiences telling all about their loorve lifes.
I don't think thats an angle I can take regretably.

Monday, November 07, 2005

We have an Audio Kit or two

Yes tomorrow we will gather up news stories from the dirty streets of harbour town.
Our fearless cub reporters will be out in force. No story is too big or too scarey.
We will break open pandora's box, stir up the hornet's nest and empty the can of worms onto the table to be sliced and diced with Audacity.Karen Silkwood would be proud of us as we leave no stone unturned in our search for truth and justice and a free counter meal.

Bandicoots lurk in my backyard

The other day I discovered termites in the laundry. I thought I better call the landlord before the house fell over.
He turned up with the pest control man, a big friendly
Samoan .
My landlord is a little bit.........gone. At least something has left him and he can ask you the same question 3 or 4 times.
He was freaking out about the termites and I said "You know there are bandicoots living in this backyard (which is quite rare).
He looked horrorfied."Oh no we'll have to get rid of them too." He looked fearfully around the backyard like they might pounce on him. I don't know if he had bandicoots confused with another animal like saltwater crocodiles.
I try to convince him bandicoots were cute and furry and almost extinct but he would have none of it, he could sense their evil presence. They seem harmless and shy to me but maybe I should be more careful in future.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mice sing in ultrasonic sqeaks

This is quite amazing,seems male mice compose complex songs to sing to potential mates.
You can't HEAR them except if they are pitched down.
That's because they sing in ultrasound.
This is no april fools Joke.
There is another world beyond our senses.
Or maybe many worlds.
We just can't quite reach it.