Monday, November 21, 2005

My son stole my bandwidth

Yes that's my lame excuse for not posting this week.
I have a 7 year old son who hogs the computer. He trades neopets, which is suposed to be like the stock market. I guess theres a slim chance he might be learning how to make a fortune but I'm not sure. I watched the bandwidth dissapear until it ground to a crawl.
So I had to cough up to get extra. The joys of parenting.
Have you seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang yet?
It is hilarious in a way that you might think I shouldn't be laughing at this but....
Also saw The Corpse Bride which is macabre and heartwarming at the same time.
There are two interesting movies about to be released.Heres a review. Oil and suicide bombers theres a link there somewhere.
Heres a great blog about blogging.
Apparently there is now a trade show for podcasters.
Also the rules for gathering an audience. Which we should all take note of....
A good podcast should have
• Truth rather than dishonesty
• Goodness rather than evil
• Beauty
• Unity
• Aliveness
• Uniqueness
• Perfection
• Simplicity
• Richness
• Effortlessness
• Playfulness
• Meaningfulness
• Passion
Is that aiming too high?
We create our own reality. Ask any quantum physicist.

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sue cee said...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was excellent, I wasnt expecting that! And ol'Val Kilmer was really good in his part. Corpse Brides still sitting in its wrapper waiting to be opened... I was such a big fan of Johnny Depps but losing interest after Willy Wonka and Pirates ..he's become a little bit too ??? forced?) but a good dark movie is 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'.