Thursday, November 10, 2005

Whoops No World!

I read a lot of interesting news stories that are really quite grim.
I guess I am a little like the guy watching the aftermath of a car accident, I just can't help myself.
On the other hand grim stories are easy to find.
Heres an example.
Seems like the Amazon is drying up which is a real worry seeing as it's the largest source of fresh water in the world.
I find the idea of manatees and fresh water dolphins drying out on a river bank deeply disturbing.
Pass me another world waiter this ones dry.
If you thought blogging was for only for panty waists, geeks and girly men, then check this out.
Seems the riots/revolution in France is being provoked by bloggers.
Yes bloggers are the new pamphleteers.
In China there is a sexual Blogalution going on apparently.
Young and not so young ladies command huge audiences telling all about their loorve lifes.
I don't think thats an angle I can take regretably.

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