Monday, November 28, 2005

Why rainy days are best

Yesterday just teemed down and I remembered how great that is for getting stuff done.
I worked all day at my friend Micheals studio, trying to finish off some tracks for the Karmic Hit christmas give away. Did some good work with no crashes or stuff ups but am feeling a little tired today.
This is why Melbourne is a much more inducive to artistic endevour.
Final week for my Music business students. They have to hand in assignments and practical work for marking.Will be sad to see them go as always.
Hopefully my afternoon podcasters had a successful time out in the field with no mishaps.(It's my butt on the line).
Here is a little article on a sound designer for computer games.
Students with more than one blog might want to check out super glue
This will get you thinking. Seems 90% of students in NSW selective schools are from a non english background. Mostly from China and Korea. Are Asian students are just more motivated? Less distracted and focused on the game? If your parents are working non stop to put you through school you have do your best.
And make your mark.


eek said...

oooh! KH christmas giveaway! I'll have to be on the lookout for that.

Loving Egyptian Register -- great work!

You should sing more...I like your voice. (that's my momma comes out once in a while....)

Handyman said...

I agree totally. Wonderful work on both GT's. Keep up the great work.


Rapunzel said...
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Rapunzel said...

Oops, deleted my own comment!
Ok, here again: according to research, the best place in the world to THINK and thus progress or invent sth., is Europe.

I hope we'll see you in sth. stripy for the christams giveaways!