Saturday, December 03, 2005

Who let the Blog Monster out?

I have tried to maintain some discretion between my work at various institutions and my other lifes.
Which i admit is counter to the spirit of blogging I know.
I talked my brother who is a international cult rock star (at least to my Mum) into starting his own blog and although he was dubious has now declared it to be a wonderful thing.
He is posting every day, long poetic, silly, touching entries that I really enjoy reading.
And so do his fans.
And they have all started blogging too.
I wont be advertising his site though coz I don't want my secret identity to be revealed.:-)
By Google I reckon at least 100 people have been infected through me.
Should I get vacinated?
My little doco may be on in Federation Sq in Melbourne which is a little exciting.
Must show it to the class with popcorn an jaffas.
Blog ye well.


eek said...

Guilty as charged!



Rapunzel said...

Well, you cannot hide everything from us curious students ..... I found Steve Kilbey, thanks to eek! Say, is he speaking like this for real? It might be, lotsa slang ......... or is it just the heat? That was what one commentor suggested - so is it real?
In a sense, you have infected all of us with blogging and as there is no cure you are the wild beast that cannot be hunted down ..........