Saturday, December 24, 2005

Did I ever like Xmas?

Hope you are all looking forward to a relaxed time with family or friends or your pets or whatever.
I lost the vibe for christmas some time ago, about the same time I realised Sea Monkeys were just tiny prawny things.
Of course it is a confused festival down under.
Christmas or Yule or whatever just doesn't make sense in the horrible heat.
Yes I am Captain Bah Humbug.
Fake snow,Christmas lights, fake pine trees, overeating, overdrinking,boring racist relatives, shopping centres on sterioids, it drives me insane.
This year I bought a crate of champagne and that is it.
Everyone gets one even the kids.
It's quality stuff dont worry.
Santa of course is evil as any one who has seen "silent night deadly night" will know. I'm not recommending you do.
Anyway enjoy your time off.
Heres a stupid game to get Santa off his faceand on the floor
Heres a sickly sweet one for ya
And be nice to people and your credit card.
And don't eat the fake snow.


Cola said...

Hi ya!
Happy New Year! 2006!
see you soon in class~ ^^

The Fuel for DIESEL said...

well said...BAH HUMBUG!!!