Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can Rock change the world?

Well can it?
I grew up thinking for some strange reason that music could change the world.
I have no explanation for this except I was born in the sixties when music did seem to have that potential.
Is it now a spent force?
It definitely seems more vulgarly, cynically formularized and corporatised.
Watching "Don't look back" you can see Dylan was at least part prophet to the people at that time.
You can also see how simple and primitive the whole business back then.
No light show, an acoustic guitar and a couple of microphones plugged straight into a tiny, tinny PA.
Not a video screen, merchandise stall, coke sign or corporate sponsor in sight.
This week end we may see the unfolding of another experiment.
I cant think of another ex rock musician who became a minister of Government.
I'm speaking of course of Pete Garrett MP.
I first saw the Oils back in the late 70's when the released their first album.
I snuck in to a gig at the ANU, I was underage and embarrassingly got chosen out of the crowd by Pete to receive a copy of their self titled first album.
I really liked it especially the song Run by night.
They were post punk rock, honest and edgy with a slightly dangerous energy.
They went on to become one of Australia's most successful and most un -compromising bands.
10, 9,8.... was a masterpiece.
"US forces get the nod.."
Of course Pete was blessed with at least two great songwriters in the band but he was the enormous, bald bloke with all the hand action.
They were an amazing band live but for me the audience was often a scary rabble and I think the political message was often drowned in the beer and fights.
The band were undoubtedly aware of the paradox.
Pete ran in the short lived Nuclear Disarmament Party.
It was a quixotic idea but beautiful too.
I attended some meetings for this party and it was infiltrated from the beginning with spooks. There were endless arguments and in fighting.
Apparently Pete found the whole process horrible and draining and swore to leave politics alone forever.
I am glad he had a change of heart.
And it worked out well for him that this is his 2nd election.
He must be made of strong stuff to have survived the boredom, intrigues and party room chats that must be part of being a politician.
He has held his tongue and been in for the long haul.
Ignoring the stings and arrows of his former friends and admirers he is poised to go perhaps were rock has never gone before.
But soon we will see whether he still has the Spirit of Rock or is now bleached out cog in the machine,working for The Man.
I'm hoping it's the former we'll see some real rocking in parliament soon and some crazy dancing-hand action as well.
Can Rock, the rebel outsider, be the Power?

Monday, November 12, 2007


Now I am between the Devil and the deep blue sea.
Ethics are something you have, morals are something you force on other people.
Obviously I'm not into moralizing.
The world is a complicated case.
People in glass houses....etc.
I don't approve of missionaries at school although I myself was influenced by some great teachers.
(I still have a thing for girls in overalls after my Art teacher Mrs Spence but that is a different story).
So for my International students you are welcome to watch the video from the link below.
For my Australian students who might vote please don't, not ever, ever, ever click on this link to see the video of the Ice Carving..
Will it take off?
It's definitely has some charm compared to other boring political youtube stuff.
Very tempted to write a tract on whether it's supposed to be boring.
Maybe tomorrow?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Meet Mr & Mrs Troll

Trolls lie in wait for the heroes to walk over their bridge and then demand tribute.
They are ugly and mean and won't listen to reason.
They usually end up being tricked or killed.
Recently a couple popped out in front of me.
As you know I have been working on a film on Aspergers.
This has a tiny budget that I haven't even bothered to invoice for yet.
I am doing this because my son has this disorder and I want to give a voice to a group who don't have one.
So I asked some of my ex students if they wanted to help me do some filming.
"There's no money but great experience"
I've worked for free on dozens of films so that's the deal.
Anyway I picked this student who had some small children coz I thought he'd be solid and understand what we were trying to do.
First week everything goes well.
Next week he's late. His wife strangely refused to drive him.
I give him some money and tell him to catch a cab.
Next week I call him on the Friday night. "Everything is good, see you there etc"
The guy never shows.
I am extremely pissed off.
I have to get my 15 year neighbour to operate a $6000 dollar camera.
She did her best.
Next week the guy rings up my wife and begs to be given another chance.
She arranges to get him picked up.
He is having bad problems with his family.
I don't believe this and organize a reliable person.
Just as well.
His lift beeps the horn and calls his phone but he doesn't appear.
Later we get a text message apologising coz "he has bad drug addiction problems".
Well that makes sense.
Then the plot thickens.
A couple of weeks later his wife rings up ( she is a singer apparently) and asks if I can help her record some songs.
I flatly decline after the way Mr Troll had mucked me around.
Who could blame me?
On monday my boss is banging on the studio door.
Your in a lot of trouble. Someone has filed an official complaint about your and your private practice with the head of the institute. The bosses bosses boss.
"What did I do?" I ask.
" I don't know "she replys in a Kafkaesque moment.
(Read "the Trial" if your not sure)
Makes it hard to defend yourself if you don't know what you have supposed to have done.
After a very long time I get to see the bosses boss.
I am in a total state.
"Is it Mr Troll" I ask?
"Yes "he says "He has accused you of misappropriating equipment and ripping off students to build your private film empire."
I am dumbstruck.
Was Mrs Troll involved?
Yes it was pay back for not wanting to work on her great album.
This is for World Disability day I say.
I have written approval from the director I say.
It's a charity project for heaven sake I say.
"Don't worry they withdrew the allegations" the bosses boss tells me.
"You were in the clear anyway"
I am a nervous wreck.
How could it all have gone so wrong?
A classic tale of betrayal and revenge.
Now of course it's my move.
Should I sue for defamation of character?
Should I report these self confessed drug addicts with children to DOCs or the police?
Should I link to Mrs Trolls myspace page to encourage a storm of comments?
I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss but I wont make their troubled life any more troubled.
Mr and Mrs Troll I have crossed your bridge and I turn my back on you.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hit her where it hurts?

Somewhere deep in the southern suburbs a crack team is cooking up a secret project.
If all goes well it should get some media coverage in Fridays paper.
Keep your fingers crossed for this one.
This is exclusive content.
This is a press leak.
If this falls into the wrong hands....
This message will self destruct in 15 seconds.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Oh the Irony

Couldn't resist this screen capture.
In 1998 a barrell of oil was $9.
Now it's $95.
If you need to study the implications of this I suggest LATOC might be a good place to start.
Driving a Hummer is the ultimate F**k anyone else statement.
Only a psycopath would buy one to drive around Sydney.
Of course it would squash my little graniemoblie like a tiny insect.That's the whole idea.
But you still will have to stop at all the same lights as everyone else even though you dressed up in 4 tonnes of steel.
And I so will laugh as you run out of petrol and abandon your monstosity on the side of the road.

Friday, November 02, 2007

A small Fluffy Blog

I am a big fan of the TV show Lost.
As you know I don't have TV reception cause the antenna is stuffed.
I had foxtel but it was such a waste of time I turned it off so a million channels of crud is only a phone call away.
We previously watched a lot of the 1960's Star Trek.
We watched the first season of Lost at Christmas, the whole family got into it.
We all sat around and bond around the TV, old style no arguments or channel surfing.
The show is great on DVD coz you can watch 3 in a slab. I imagine it would have been frustrating to watch on a week by week basis.
For those who never bothered it is The Prisoner( the cult British 60's show) meets Gilligan's Island with a large helping of Dallas perhaps.
It has mysterious hatch's, polar bears and everyone has lots of secrets.
The island itself has a whole bunch.
There is a whole industry of pundits exploring the shows enigmas.
For me is probably works well as a metaphor for my life but mostly as a overt fantasy.
I would love to be stranded on a desert island with lashings of mysteriousness. Who wouldn't?
I could even put up with the flashbacks.
Not sure about all those Americans with perfect smiles but then I could always join the others.
Or become a ghost?
It must be the only series where actors get killed but still keep coming back as ghosts and flashbacks.
Sadly we are approaching the end of the third series which will thankfully help me get the Aspy Doco finished in time.