Monday, November 12, 2007


Now I am between the Devil and the deep blue sea.
Ethics are something you have, morals are something you force on other people.
Obviously I'm not into moralizing.
The world is a complicated case.
People in glass houses....etc.
I don't approve of missionaries at school although I myself was influenced by some great teachers.
(I still have a thing for girls in overalls after my Art teacher Mrs Spence but that is a different story).
So for my International students you are welcome to watch the video from the link below.
For my Australian students who might vote please don't, not ever, ever, ever click on this link to see the video of the Ice Carving..
Will it take off?
It's definitely has some charm compared to other boring political youtube stuff.
Very tempted to write a tract on whether it's supposed to be boring.
Maybe tomorrow?


Rosa said...

hi Russell this is Rosa (comm 315-half banana)
i click on the you tube thing, it is cool i didn't know you are a green supporter. i guess i'm part of your international students, because i can't vote for Australia, just telling you in case you get frustrate about it =)

Sonjie said...

Good video, even better message. I was very impressed when I realised you made it yourself. You must be a man with many talents. :)

A. said...

Thanks for your comment, I fixed the link.

Great video, creative (and cold) approach to a political campaign.