Monday, July 07, 2008

We have it all on Film

Hello World!!!!
Been so busy I have neglected all this blogging.
I'm just another blogger now and dont have to do it for a living.
Just come back from Melbourne.
I traveled there to film the culmination of our documentary.
Mark is a dream subject an a wonderful human being.
He is also visually impaired and has AS.
Documentary making is full of ethical questions.
I was worried that Mark was going to die from the stress of going to Melbourne.
I am still worried that after all that excitement how will he ever come down to earth gently?
The trip was a huge success although we will remain tight lipped about actual events until after the program is aired.
Needless to say SBS is very interested in the film.
Now we have the enormous task of editing all the footage.
Will construct a trailer first up.
I feel that this will be a winner.
Ill keep you posted.