Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Australia is a bat

In case you didn't realize Australia is the Saudi Arabia of uranium.
We have huge amounts of the stuff up north.
Soon we'll be selling the stuff to China and India or Chindia as some people have been calling these to new kids on the economic block.
Of course viewed in the long scale of human history they aren't new kids but great empires that had a couple of hundred years off.
Some supporters of Uranium mining claim it is better to risk radiation poisoning than global warming.
There is a couple of conundrums ( very tricksy puzzle) posed here.
Before WW2 we had a Primeminister called Pig Iron Bob who had no problem selling scrap iron to the Japanese who were at that time raping Nanking and soon would be bombing Darwin.
Now hopefully China and Taiwan will have a full moon party, get the love vibe and sort out their differences like sensible people but there is the chance that things will get out of hand and seeing that the US is the sworn defender of Taiwan and we are the Yanks obedient little brother it could get very scary and most unpleasant.
Especially unpleasant would be our own true blue yellow cake raining back down on us!
So how do you guarantee the stuff will only be used for peaceful purposes?
Our fearless leader is dedicated to the religionlaissez faire capitalism which means he believes the market is like a god that knows all.
The free market is great for some things and I love being able to sell stuff at whatever price to whoever but Mr Howards vision is to sell everthing the government owns to anyone who can afford it.
Witness Telstra. Why sell a profitable enterprise thats bringing in billions of revenue?Glad I never bought those shares!
NZ went further and sold all their power generation and surprise, surprise they suffered rolling blackouts because the companies generating power deemed it unprofitable to invest in more infrastructure.
So I take the middle path. Private enterprise good for somethings.State control good for others.
So selling uranium to China needs careful consideration and state control.
Will it help the cut carbon emmisions?
If you add up all the mining ,processing ,transportation, building and decommisioning of Nuclear power plants you probably didn't save much at all.
But who knows, the Chinese are clever people and have been investigating fast breeder reactors as well as pebble bed reactors so might know something we don't.
Finally an excellent article about Australias relationship to the rest of the world.
Are we a bat neither bird nor beast or something else. If this sounds obscure read it in the SMH.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

So Sue Me and a post script

Whoa, look out there flamers and name callers cause youll end up in court getting your pants sued off.
It happened in England it can happen here.
So stop calling me a silly person and a son of a hampster and blowing your nose in my general direction OK?
Can blogging save the enviroment?
We can only hope so coz things are getting so awfully baaad.
Remember Bladerunner and the scene with Decker and the artificial owl, well I hope it never comes to pass coz every extinction belittles us all and makes the world seem sader and duller.I wanna be where the wild things roam....
Lastly a sad post script to our post a few days ago.
After days of deliberation the jury let the dirty slime ball off.
The law can be an ass- which is a kind of donkey- and on this occasion it was indeed.
I don't understand how that could happen but it did so we can only hope for some sort of instant karma.
Anybody know vodoo?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Almost invent a word again

Remember pog. It meant crap or rubbish,stuff lying around. My friend Ralph invented that, it's true.
Ever wondered who stared the saying "he's high maintenance" .That was mine, can't prove it but someone owes me big time.
So yesterday I was thinking about blogging and the bigots it attracts and it hit me -Bligot.
A new word .This time I wasn't gonna let it slip unauthored into the lexicon. I was gonna be lauded for being a clever chap.
Alas a quick google and the balloon of ego gratification popped with a smirk.
Here was a bloggers dictionary with bliggot and a whole lot of other words I probably would have thought of.Here is the blog of a bigot or a bligot. This guy wrote the book on smug and sneery so maybe bigot isn't totally correct.
Hey how about smigot! Now for a quick google.Yah for me! Hope the resident of the swedish town fo Smigot don't take offence.
Why dont we start an award for the worst bligot on the web? Hell, a least we'd have a lot of contenders.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Horrible Coincidence

For the last couple of years my wifes family has been involved in a terrible matter.
Seems 30 years ago a family friend used to molest her brothers.Her parents, who are the lovliest people never knew. They had kept it a terrible secret.
They have been in and out of court for a couple of years. It must be awful dredging this stuff up and I am totally grateful that I was never subjected to that kind of attention.
Anyway today is the day the court brings down it's decision which will be a relief for everyone no matter what the verdict.
Today a cyclone approachs Far North Q'land, Cyclone Larry is the strongest cyclone to hit Australia for decades.Perhaps the biggest ever.
Winds will be 230 kph, there will be a lot of destruction.Lives will be ruined.
What are the chances that both disasters would share the same name?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pluck some fruit from the Commentry

Sooo....bloggers are to comments what fish are to scales.
Not talking about the comments section,
although I could be but the art of gleaning through current news and issues
and adding your two cents worth. What do you think? If you think at all.
Freedom to think seems to be a hard to come by commodity in my busy life.
I have to snatch time inbetween a thousand and one distractions and commitments.
The Huffington Post is one of the big blogs at the moment,Arianna Huffington compares newsbloggers to the pitbulls of media journalism.
Can you believe a media baron like Rupert M declaring mainstream news in dead and blogging is the future, see I told you this was big.
Read it here. Yes we bloggers are the New Explorers sailing to whole new worlds of endless digital prarie. Uncle Rupert should know cause he just bought My space, the friend build community. Here is my my space for a record I did. Myspace now has 62,500,000 members 54 of which are my special friends. Lets make it 55 soon!
It's not all loving friendship thoughthings can get nasty.
Bloggers of course can get into trouble at work especially if you're a memeber of the police force.
As my mother used to say if you can't say something nice make a cup of tea.....
Bit strange my mum makes a good cuppa though.
You notice I called her Mum and not Mom. Heres a nice little rasp about the Americanisation of our dear language cobbers.
See all you folks in class.

Friday, March 10, 2006

A Brand New Class

Well great to meet all the newbies.
I am excited by meeting new people so much so that I want to hide under my desk.
But I made it through the day without running out the door.
Unfortunately we are in a strange room full of archaic computers and bad lighting.
We work in an epileptic induction zone.
Screens flicker, flouros flicker beating out a random pattern on your brain.
So we will take regular breaks.
In my other classes we play hackie sack in the breaks.
It is great fun and loosens you up after crouching like a gargoyle over your computer.
I am going to ask for a new monitor or else a new set of eyes like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.
Till then.....