Thursday, March 23, 2006

So Sue Me and a post script

Whoa, look out there flamers and name callers cause youll end up in court getting your pants sued off.
It happened in England it can happen here.
So stop calling me a silly person and a son of a hampster and blowing your nose in my general direction OK?
Can blogging save the enviroment?
We can only hope so coz things are getting so awfully baaad.
Remember Bladerunner and the scene with Decker and the artificial owl, well I hope it never comes to pass coz every extinction belittles us all and makes the world seem sader and duller.I wanna be where the wild things roam....
Lastly a sad post script to our post a few days ago.
After days of deliberation the jury let the dirty slime ball off.
The law can be an ass- which is a kind of donkey- and on this occasion it was indeed.
I don't understand how that could happen but it did so we can only hope for some sort of instant karma.
Anybody know vodoo?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Podcast

Love your writing- lets me into the dark reccesses of your mind that I wouldn't otherwise have access to. Hope Mr. Walker inspires and relaxes you. Have to go now to cook dinner very unbohemian of me and Mr. Jim wants to know how to earn a coin for a choc.

Mrs. Podcast

Anonymous said...

Hello from totodile I really love your smile....