Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Australia is a bat

In case you didn't realize Australia is the Saudi Arabia of uranium.
We have huge amounts of the stuff up north.
Soon we'll be selling the stuff to China and India or Chindia as some people have been calling these to new kids on the economic block.
Of course viewed in the long scale of human history they aren't new kids but great empires that had a couple of hundred years off.
Some supporters of Uranium mining claim it is better to risk radiation poisoning than global warming.
There is a couple of conundrums ( very tricksy puzzle) posed here.
Before WW2 we had a Primeminister called Pig Iron Bob who had no problem selling scrap iron to the Japanese who were at that time raping Nanking and soon would be bombing Darwin.
Now hopefully China and Taiwan will have a full moon party, get the love vibe and sort out their differences like sensible people but there is the chance that things will get out of hand and seeing that the US is the sworn defender of Taiwan and we are the Yanks obedient little brother it could get very scary and most unpleasant.
Especially unpleasant would be our own true blue yellow cake raining back down on us!
So how do you guarantee the stuff will only be used for peaceful purposes?
Our fearless leader is dedicated to the religionlaissez faire capitalism which means he believes the market is like a god that knows all.
The free market is great for some things and I love being able to sell stuff at whatever price to whoever but Mr Howards vision is to sell everthing the government owns to anyone who can afford it.
Witness Telstra. Why sell a profitable enterprise thats bringing in billions of revenue?Glad I never bought those shares!
NZ went further and sold all their power generation and surprise, surprise they suffered rolling blackouts because the companies generating power deemed it unprofitable to invest in more infrastructure.
So I take the middle path. Private enterprise good for somethings.State control good for others.
So selling uranium to China needs careful consideration and state control.
Will it help the cut carbon emmisions?
If you add up all the mining ,processing ,transportation, building and decommisioning of Nuclear power plants you probably didn't save much at all.
But who knows, the Chinese are clever people and have been investigating fast breeder reactors as well as pebble bed reactors so might know something we don't.
Finally an excellent article about Australias relationship to the rest of the world.
Are we a bat neither bird nor beast or something else. If this sounds obscure read it in the SMH.

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i like your view of point~when i read it, i will know the Australian society more ^^