Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pluck some fruit from the Commentry

Sooo....bloggers are to comments what fish are to scales.
Not talking about the comments section,
although I could be but the art of gleaning through current news and issues
and adding your two cents worth. What do you think? If you think at all.
Freedom to think seems to be a hard to come by commodity in my busy life.
I have to snatch time inbetween a thousand and one distractions and commitments.
The Huffington Post is one of the big blogs at the moment,Arianna Huffington compares newsbloggers to the pitbulls of media journalism.
Can you believe a media baron like Rupert M declaring mainstream news in dead and blogging is the future, see I told you this was big.
Read it here. Yes we bloggers are the New Explorers sailing to whole new worlds of endless digital prarie. Uncle Rupert should know cause he just bought My space, the friend build community. Here is my my space for a record I did. Myspace now has 62,500,000 members 54 of which are my special friends. Lets make it 55 soon!
It's not all loving friendship thoughthings can get nasty.
Bloggers of course can get into trouble at work especially if you're a memeber of the police force.
As my mother used to say if you can't say something nice make a cup of tea.....
Bit strange my mum makes a good cuppa though.
You notice I called her Mum and not Mom. Heres a nice little rasp about the Americanisation of our dear language cobbers.
See all you folks in class.

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