Thursday, November 08, 2007

Meet Mr & Mrs Troll

Trolls lie in wait for the heroes to walk over their bridge and then demand tribute.
They are ugly and mean and won't listen to reason.
They usually end up being tricked or killed.
Recently a couple popped out in front of me.
As you know I have been working on a film on Aspergers.
This has a tiny budget that I haven't even bothered to invoice for yet.
I am doing this because my son has this disorder and I want to give a voice to a group who don't have one.
So I asked some of my ex students if they wanted to help me do some filming.
"There's no money but great experience"
I've worked for free on dozens of films so that's the deal.
Anyway I picked this student who had some small children coz I thought he'd be solid and understand what we were trying to do.
First week everything goes well.
Next week he's late. His wife strangely refused to drive him.
I give him some money and tell him to catch a cab.
Next week I call him on the Friday night. "Everything is good, see you there etc"
The guy never shows.
I am extremely pissed off.
I have to get my 15 year neighbour to operate a $6000 dollar camera.
She did her best.
Next week the guy rings up my wife and begs to be given another chance.
She arranges to get him picked up.
He is having bad problems with his family.
I don't believe this and organize a reliable person.
Just as well.
His lift beeps the horn and calls his phone but he doesn't appear.
Later we get a text message apologising coz "he has bad drug addiction problems".
Well that makes sense.
Then the plot thickens.
A couple of weeks later his wife rings up ( she is a singer apparently) and asks if I can help her record some songs.
I flatly decline after the way Mr Troll had mucked me around.
Who could blame me?
On monday my boss is banging on the studio door.
Your in a lot of trouble. Someone has filed an official complaint about your and your private practice with the head of the institute. The bosses bosses boss.
"What did I do?" I ask.
" I don't know "she replys in a Kafkaesque moment.
(Read "the Trial" if your not sure)
Makes it hard to defend yourself if you don't know what you have supposed to have done.
After a very long time I get to see the bosses boss.
I am in a total state.
"Is it Mr Troll" I ask?
"Yes "he says "He has accused you of misappropriating equipment and ripping off students to build your private film empire."
I am dumbstruck.
Was Mrs Troll involved?
Yes it was pay back for not wanting to work on her great album.
This is for World Disability day I say.
I have written approval from the director I say.
It's a charity project for heaven sake I say.
"Don't worry they withdrew the allegations" the bosses boss tells me.
"You were in the clear anyway"
I am a nervous wreck.
How could it all have gone so wrong?
A classic tale of betrayal and revenge.
Now of course it's my move.
Should I sue for defamation of character?
Should I report these self confessed drug addicts with children to DOCs or the police?
Should I link to Mrs Trolls myspace page to encourage a storm of comments?
I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss but I wont make their troubled life any more troubled.
Mr and Mrs Troll I have crossed your bridge and I turn my back on you.


lily was here said...

Oh no! Im so sorry. I wish I was close by, I'd offer my help and support for this worthy cause. I would avoid them like the plague that they are, more trouble than they're worth. Im making a harmless movie on Tuesday with my students about a monster. I should change the title to The Troll.


Peter Podcast said...

Thanks for your concern.
I'll keep you posted on te film.
We just finished shooting an aspy at a observatory.
Looks great except I didn't clean the wide angle lens.

ivanxiang said...

Woo~sounds really terrible~sorry to hear that~
By the way,when and where can we see the film?