Friday, November 02, 2007

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I am a big fan of the TV show Lost.
As you know I don't have TV reception cause the antenna is stuffed.
I had foxtel but it was such a waste of time I turned it off so a million channels of crud is only a phone call away.
We previously watched a lot of the 1960's Star Trek.
We watched the first season of Lost at Christmas, the whole family got into it.
We all sat around and bond around the TV, old style no arguments or channel surfing.
The show is great on DVD coz you can watch 3 in a slab. I imagine it would have been frustrating to watch on a week by week basis.
For those who never bothered it is The Prisoner( the cult British 60's show) meets Gilligan's Island with a large helping of Dallas perhaps.
It has mysterious hatch's, polar bears and everyone has lots of secrets.
The island itself has a whole bunch.
There is a whole industry of pundits exploring the shows enigmas.
For me is probably works well as a metaphor for my life but mostly as a overt fantasy.
I would love to be stranded on a desert island with lashings of mysteriousness. Who wouldn't?
I could even put up with the flashbacks.
Not sure about all those Americans with perfect smiles but then I could always join the others.
Or become a ghost?
It must be the only series where actors get killed but still keep coming back as ghosts and flashbacks.
Sadly we are approaching the end of the third series which will thankfully help me get the Aspy Doco finished in time.


lily was here said...

LOST had all the ingredients of everything I love, yet i couldnt get into it, despite prompting by friends to stick it out. And i only liked a couple of the characters and that didnt help at all.

Rosa said...

i think i really should start watching lost, my friend say it is really good now you.
i am a big fan of hero and prison break, i used to watch 24 as well but then i got too many to catch up so i stop, but we really cant avoid the fact that TV show really drags people in to it. cheers