Friday, October 26, 2007

Hypocrisy is the grease on the wheels of society

Look it's easy to point out other peoples hypocrisy.
Take Chris Martin.
Lead singer from Coldplay.
Very concerned about Climate change.
Writes songs about it.
But flys his family round on a private jet.
For lunch and back home for a nap .
And did you realise that flying is the big kahuna of carbon travel.
Thats coz your high up and the gases go straight in the mix.
Also the water vapour produced has an effect.
After 911 when flying was banned America experience noticeably warmer days and cooler nights.
It seems flying at night is worse.
So it's easy to point out someone else's faults.
So here are mine.
One of my jobs is based on cheap air travel.
That's right none of my international students swim over here.
But perhaps worse one of my best mates is the owner of over a million frequent flyer points.
How many trees does he have to plant to sort that out?
Enough to reforest Borneo no doubt.
So not only have I never mentioned this too him but I have twice flown to Japan on his largess merely to see music concerts!
So given the choice between saving the lives of some Bangladeshi I never met and the chance to see a Rock concert by some slightly ridiculous 70's dude without enough fans to play Australia, I bury the Bangladeshis every time.
And I'm doubly sorry because I think most of the western world will find it even harder to give up air travel than the morning traffic crush.
It wont happen voluntarily.
Which is why we are up the creek without a paddle.
Read this only if you have taken your prozac.
Otherwise shop, fly to rock concerts. buy blood diamonds but hear that sound, I think your wheels are starting to squeak.


eek said...

Ooh! Looks as if my chickenshittedness (aka fear of flying) has some benefit after all! :-)

Tony Pucci said...

I can't afford to fly...I'm taking the bus to travel down to Alabama next March (Opera and recording with Jeffrey Cain). But as my mind is swirling in the diesel smell of archaic transport, I'll tip my cap to you, RK, for owning up. I'm sure my list is interesting too. Hope you're well. Peace, Tony

lily was here said...

Everyone's a hypocrite. Everyone.