Friday, August 31, 2007

Warmly Strange

The sun is just about to peek over the horizon in another strangely warm winter/early spring morning.
It is so warm that there are winter fire bans inSouth Australia.
Nothing to worry about of course.
As we can no longer say to the lady who lives next to the Acropolis.
China has introduced an animated net nanny to protect workers from doing naughty things on the internet like looking at pictures of naked people or the Dalai Lama.
I like these characters, very Astro Boy, whether that would soften the blow as the Thought Police crashed through the door is another thing altogether.
I think a little old lady tut-tuting would be equally effective, maybe more so.
Especially if she had an umbrella.
Of course I have no smirking Western leg to stand on as my country has a press freedom rating below Bolivia.Ask Geoffrey Robertson
Geoffrey is one of my heroes not just coz he is married to the chick that wrote Puberty Blues.
Why isn't he head of the labour party instead of Kevin Only Drunk Twice.
Who wants a PM who can't drink?
Bob Hawke was in the Guiness book of records for skulling a yard glass for crying out loud.
Bush the Younger was arrested for drink driving.
Even Our Fearless Leader John enjoys a good quaff of Grange most nights.
Back to censorship.
How can I be cutting edge if the Dept of Education blocks Myspace and Youtube?
Which in the music industry are the too most happening things going.
They wont install Itunes either.
So how do I show em anything ?
Speaking of Itunes I actually wrote my first review for this amazing harp playing chanteuse Joanna Newsom.
It's quite a fun thing to do.
I doubt it will do much for her record sales but I was hearted to see her on Johnny Dep's I tunes list/
I doubt whether many of my students will like her as she is as far away from Avril Lavigne as you can get.
Doco filming starts tomorrow so wish me luck!


lily was here said...

I sympathize. My students are being stifled from exploring whats there themselves and who has the time to unblock every site for DET?! Kids should be allowed to live a little dangerously, under supervision (as mine are primary students). We should take them by hand and show them whats on the table, whats safe to have, what they could try.. not blindfold them and forcefeed them. Ive got a real bee in my bonnet about this.
And lets face it, some of my students are allowed to see worse horror at home on TV. Some of them watch Deadwood (which I love by the way even if the language makes me cringe) at home. That brings me to the question of ,,, WHEN will there be another Turkeyneck Lasso?

Peter Podcast said...

Yes well i love that record too.
But I'm not sure if it was a one off.
Still you never know?
And yes the DET portal sux.

lily was here said...

Fingers crossed then.

By the way, dont you think K Rudd looks suspiciously like Mr Sheen?