Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Living in a Westside story

Looks like we aren't in for a summer of love this silly season.
We Sydneyites are in for our own version of Westside story.
We even have the Sharks.
Unfortunately I fear it won't stop until someone is push off this mortal coil.
Racism and hatred are very hard to get back in the bottle once they have been let out., and boy are they out.
But it is nearly all young men I believe having the same turf war they have always had.
Unfortunatly there are some other salts in the wound.
Osama,Tampa,gang rape,Bali,Alan Jones and The patriotic youth league and lets not forget the media who have endlessly publicised the whole thing.
And they will sell more papers over this dull time for news.
Which makes me wonder is there reallyless news over Xmas or is it just that Journos are all on holiday?
On a lighter note did you see Podcast was voted word of the
I was slightly ahead of my time? or am I now passe.
Maye I should change my nom de plume to Peter Podjackas this seems to be the next little thing!
Untill we pod again.


sheisprincess said...

Racism in Sydney ...hhmmm ...it might be a good topic for me next 'podcast'. I will pick it as my topic. Anyway.. i just wanna say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (2005-06). All the best for you and your family....

Handyman said...

Interesting thought. I was wondering what was happening with all the ugliness there. Thanks for the prospective.

Happy holidays and good health and fortune in the New Year. Thanks for all the contributions.


J-F J said...

Tree..still there is some other salt in the wound...i dont think that the Journos are on holidays!!
They are doing there job....why ruining the xmas holidays?
Because of some unminded people from middle east...no wonder who!

J-F J said...

Hi Rus...im loss on the garageband website...ve no idea how to get the Gcast software

Should i login? Wat am i suppose to look for on the website????

Would you please help me oin my task?
Thx a lot

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Ve fun