Monday, January 09, 2006

Give me Liberty or give me shopping

Well we survived the silly season and it wasn't so bad.
Almost got caught in the bushfires on the hottest day of the year (although it's very early to make that claim).
Only a couple of weeks left to complete this pocasting /blogging module.
Heard of John Pilger? Heres an interesting read from the man who continues to be a thorn in the side of Governments and the media.Love him or loath him? He is a dedicated and persistant journo who exists on the margin.He talks of the Death of freedom.
Thought you might as well have a link to another interesting writer,George Monbiot.Here he talks aboutthe struggle against ourselves which may put you off shopping for a nano second, then again maybe not....
Still want more?
Probably not coz your all busy doing amazing podcasts but
Persons interested in democracy should check this out.
The American founding fathers should be an inspiration to us all.
Thom Hartman has a scary rasp on our rights as humans. If you are human.
Will Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin please reincarnate?
Before the next election?
Stuck on an investment decision?
Try investment blogs.
And if your still stuck for a blog to examine try the worlds bestblogs.In their opinion anyway.
And now for the fluffy animal story........
Whoops sorry got things mixed up...Here is the fluffy animal story
See you in class citizens!


sheisprincess said...

Hi,im sorry i send a message here..(u can delete it later)I dont have ur email address. I have some question about the first assignment result. I cant come to the class today coz i hv to go to dentist. Can i hv ur email address. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes my email is
Your podcast was below what you are capable of. It was only 2.14. and very light on.
Put more effort into this one please and you'll get better marks

Tasha G. said...

Hi Russell, its Tash there!!! So I finally got to see your blog (if you remember you were asking me last time when had I entered this page 4 the last time? :) just want 2 ask...will there a chance for us to work during the class time in week 13 (to finish all the podcast)? I spent 2 evenings to make a program, I did it and it was good!!! But then the program showed an error and nothing was saved, nothing works now...really really bad mood...
Thanx, Tash