Sunday, January 29, 2006

What hit me?

Thanks for the great night out.
Thanks for the bottle of red.
Thanks for making sure I stayed sober and an outstanding example to you all.
Enjoyed the toasts and the food and especially singing White wedding.
You gotta love Billy Idol.
Hope you all made it home OK.
Hope you find peace and happiness.
Or at least a good hangover cure.
I'm not drinking for a while.
I'm not very good at it.
That's not a very Australian thing to admit.
Went to Hustville and saw the lion dance or the dragon dance I'm not sure which.
Those guys are amazing, jumping from pole to pole dressed in an animal suit.
Very young too
Should take this op to wish a properous and faithful year of the dog to everyone.
I hope it is a good dog and doesn't chew anyones slippers or dig holes in the garden or anything else naughty dogs do.

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The Fuel for DIESEL said...

awww yeah!!!!