Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The wests secret weapon- football

People are starting to wake up to the prospect that we may be heading down the slippery slope towards another coalition of the killing,this time all steam ahead to sunny Persia.
Sanctions may actually hurt the west more than the sanctioned.
Coz the loss of the fourth biggest producer of oil could send the price of the stuff skyrocketing.
I can actually see why Iran might want the big stick seeing as the country next door got invaded.
Anyway it seems we have a secret weapon-football or soccer as it is called here in Australia.
Read these Iranian blogs
As well as coming across as.... well normal people worried about their shonky leaders, a lot of them are worried about being excluded from the world cup because of restarting the nuclear research.
Football is bigger than anything it seems and rightly so.
It's an international language.
The language of the boot.
This time lets forget the killing an destruction and just have a bit of kick around of a the ball eh?

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