Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dessicated like Bourke and Wills

Went bushwalking with brother J and Frankie who's over here from Ireland.
Went from Waterfall to ulaloo falls,5 kms of easy if hot walking.
We stop at the falls which have stopped due to lack of water.
Have a bite to eat and carry on.
The sun comes out from behind the clouds.
We follow the track which suddenly dissapears.
Where has it gone ?
We start to augue .
It's stupidly brainfryingly hot.
My companions don't have proper hats.
J wants to backtrack.
We bush bash around looking for the track,paranoid we'll step on a snake.
A mild panic is setting in.
We follow the ridge back to the falls.
Dive into the water.
Rest and discuss if we should try again .
We head off down the same track which dissapears again.
We bush bash down into the gully for 3 hours.
Looking for footprints or a sign of humans.
We soak in small pools totally cooked.
This is how Burke and Wills felt, two Australian explorers who died in the desert.
Eventually we find our way to Karloo Pool which is beautiful and cool.
We walk out in the twilight,burnt and sweating, desperately thirsty.
We had a map and a compass and still we got lost.
I havent been lost for a while, it is a scarey feeling.
Panic comes from the Greek God Pan who waited to confuse people in the forest.
Thank you Mr Pan. Thank you Mr Sol.
A most exhausting but hard core day.

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