Friday, February 10, 2006

Ink:Handle with care

Catoon by Alen Lauzan Falcon, Santiago, Chile

I've been wanting to talk about the Satanic cartoons controversy but I have to admit I'm scared.
So is most of the free press.
It wasn't Big Bro that brought them down but Big Mo'(PBAH).
I want to support our Princess Mary.
She gave up nice quiet Tasmania for the number one holiday destination for suicide bombers.
I've been to Denmark and it's a cool place.
They have a free state called Kristiana where anything goes.
It's insane to think a whole country should be targeted because of what a few people scribbled on a piece of paper.
Heres a debate on whether an Islamic state is compatable with democracy. I think the neo cons might have read this.But then why did they think they could spread democracy though the Middle East?
Heres what the Malaysian PM thinks.
Heres another point of view
Heres a moderate Arab voice.
The cartoons arent actually funny,you can find them at Wikipedia and it was deliberately provocative to publish them.
The strange thing is these cartoons appeared in October in Cairo but nobody got upset then.
Theres a lot we in the west don't understand about Islam.
Certainly the whole thing has made being a cartoonist a more interesting profession.
Does God bless free speech?
Maybe we should keep Him/Her out of the arguement!
I'm off to play with my Lego set .....after I finish eating my falafel roll.

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Zieco Chiuman said...

thx for the comment..i need it very much to build up my confidence back..
we are going to have a graduation ceremony on 17th of march..please do come for the last time. someday somehow i will raise and lead my way to be in Sydney again..
thanks for being a great teacher.