Monday, January 16, 2006

The end of the affair

Some of you may have noticed beneath my fastidious nature, military planning skills, attention to formalities and personal hygiene is the glimmer of a soft centre.
I may seem hard and unapproachable but deep deep down I am a quite sensitive fellow.Really.
So most times as I near the end of a relationship I start to reflect and ponder and get a little misty eyed.
I have met some lovely young people,shared some stories, had a laugh, showed them some tricks of the trade and sent them off into the world to who knows where.
Hopefully I have a positive effect.
Hopefully I am on the side of good.
Hopefully I might make a small difference to some one.
Maybe opened their eyes to some things.
Probably not for all, or even most but a few.
I know I had teachers like that who helped a little, made me entertain some possibilities, sheparded me towards........
Anyway I now have to put my service medals back on my chest and get into some serious marking.
How do you mark a blog?
Frequency is important.
Depth also.
Links, you need them.
How about grammar and spelling?
Or creative use of the English language?
How about an original voice?
That's a lot to ask I know but there have been glimmers, little peeks of what might be.
Do you agree that the blog is king? Or at least something important?
It's certainly a great way to teach and get insights into peoples minds/lives.
I hope you got through the work load without stomach ulcers and that you get the marks you need to do what you want to do, be what what you want to be .
Occasionally pop into this blog, drop me a line, tell me you new book/film/expose/podcast is coming out and make me smile.
Untill then back to the marking.


Lee, SunA said...

hi- this is SunA, Lee in morming class. I need to tell something important. I critised the blog However, its format of the blog changed completely. so. my critique does not fit recent version of his blog. actually I entered the address but now I cannot visit previous blog. Therefore, if you see my assignment, you may feel confused because now sullivan establishs new blog. I am so surprised because I visited the site yesterday. But today the blog changes totally. Please consider this condition. I will wait for your reply.

Lee, SunA said...
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Lee, SunA said...

Ressell, if you go to this address-
You can see the previous version.

Sorry for many my spelling mistakes because Now I am a little bit nervous. Should I rewrite the critique?