Thursday, July 13, 2006

Never, ever trust computers.(and maybe teenage girls)

Bought a new piece of gear a little while ago for my studio down the back.
A Focusrite trackmaster pro. Sounds impressive, huh?
It is lovely bit of "frontend" a preamp which is the first thing a microphone hits and therefore is extremely important for audiophiles like moi. Focusrite are like the Rolls Royce of audio or one of them at least and actually it's the cheapest thing they make.
It does seem to make a real difference.
I got a chance to use it during the week as I got a little job recording a version of a Kev Carmody song called "the Streets of London".
Kev is an aboriginal singer of some note who I got to work with in a small way ages ago.
After working on this song for a whole day I went back to mix it a couple of days later only to find some of the tracks had disappeared totally.
I got a sick nauseous feeling like when the school bully singled you out for treatment after school.
After a bit of panic I realised we'd only lost a few things and luckily could get them redone with out too much bother but will it all be there next time I open it up?
I would feel better if I could constuct a theory.......
Well actually I can.
You see I was doing this round at a good friends house and he had had a visit from his teenage daughter and she loves to get on his computer and check her Myspace and stuff.
But I couldn't really make accusations.
It wouldn't have been right and besides it would have helped anyway.
So we re did the missing bits and will keep our fingers crossed.
Sadly the legendary recluse Syd Barrett died again yestaday.
Here is an excellent post with lots of links to early footage etc. about the man who started Pink Floyd and who spiraled into psychosis.
Without out him would there have been a David Bowie or a Robert Smith?
Certainly his brief career inspired a whos who of rock music.
Shine on you crazey diamond.

Finally a short message from our sponsor.
Do bring your headphones as tomorrow we will be entering the world of sound!


(('{~_~}')) said...

Sorry Peter but I had to laugh when I read, "Sadly the legendary recluse Syd Barrett died again yestaday". Not his first death?

Tony Pucci said...

What did you use for a preamp before the new Focusrite? Being on a budget, I have yet to explore preamps as "the next thing I have to get". But with now recording digitally on the computer, another guitar is NOT the next thing I need to buy anymore! Would you believe I am still using a tape deck set to "record/pause" with an input from my guitar multi-effects pedal and the output going to the soundcard of my computer? The ancient world meets the modern world! But it does seem to work just fine for now.

Man, I KNOW the sinking feeling when you've lost a track! That's awful. I hope you find them.

What model of IPod do recommend a beginner getting?

All the best, Tony

Peter Podcast said...

Syd barrett died in the early seventies when he hung up hi hat and changed his name back to Roger.
I have used a variety of preamps none of which I owned.
Mostly a ART valvepreamp/compressor thing which was quite good.
Unfortunatly all ipods batteries seem to die after a couple of years. You can get replacements now.
Depends on how large your record collection is, I guess a 4 gig Nano would do for most people.

Queen Hatshepsut said...

Well 'Peter' - found your blog via your 'international cult rock star' bro's blog and I have to say, while decidedly different in style, I now find myself reading and enjoying your blog as well. Loved the spooky lake story. Brilliant bit about the teachers and meetings- I'm a college teacher and oy! Couldn't have agreed with you more on that whole topic. Going to see the 'rock star' tomorrow and bringing him all his lovely art - he needs to sign about 50 prints, oh fun. Anyway, I may just spend all my time reading blogs now and to think I once hated them! But once I started on yer bro's blog, I did start my own and they are addictive. BTW - release the podcast! We don't care about car noise. Or make another one.....hint hint. ; )