Friday, July 21, 2006

To the top of the blogcharts

I recently fixed some blogcounting chicklets to my brother's site.One from belligerent's and another from Top Blog sites. You can watch your self go up (or down) the charts, it's quite a interesting distraction. Currently he is number one in his section on Blogrankers which is smaller and Number 19 on top blogsites.He is in the personal section there along with the randy girls and chronic mastubaters and bottom smackers. He wanted to be there, don't ask me why.Maybe he wants some other blogs to "riff "off. I spent a bit of time perusing these sites and they really are rubbish,I admit. In a burgeoning field where one can write anything they want to, inspire some art and imagination and propogate worldchanging new thoughts but the vast majority of blogs appeal to the lowest common denominator, it's true. Celebrity blogs are huge and so are porn blogs.
Each to their own I guess, pun intended.
Hope you brought your headphones.


Queen Hatshepsut said...

Hi 'Peter',
I had dinner with Steve last Tuesday in Santa Barbara before the band's first show and we had lots of blog talk! He was asking the difference between yours and his! LOL! I couldn't begin to describe his blog. Sometimes he rants, sometimes he raves, sometimes he does poetry, sometimes he writes beautiful things I don't understand. I told him I liked your blog because it's intelligent and articulate - not that his isn't - it's like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges. He really gets very excited to know his blog is high up on the charts. He cracks me up. I worked/saw two shows - the poor guys are in AZ no doubt broiling in triple digit temps today. It's hotter than - you know. Well, thanks for all you do for S, and for your blog too!
denise :)

Tony Pucci said...
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Tony Pucci said...
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