Thursday, October 20, 2005

Teaching and meetings and meetings about teaching

Teachers have to go to a lot of meetings and they have to learn a lot of acronyms too.
They also have to deal with a lot of curriculum commisioned by managment and written by people who seem ill qualified.
You get music courses written by plumbers and other strange mismatching.
Don't worry Winston this course is being written by moi.
And I am a hopeless plumber although I made plum jam once.
I dont think it set.
I must link to this early Blog for a good description of what a blog is.
One of my film students asked me to be in his film, being a homeless person.
I had to decline, not that there is anything wrong with the part but I can't spare the time.
Secretly of course I am a closet actor so I should jump at the part but my agent said I should wait for a better offer.
Strangley I scored the part of a doctor just minutes later which I said I'd think about.
It was almost a delicate situation which I handled with utmost indiscetion.
I wish I was better at telling lies.
So off to more meetings tommorrow, better practise some fibbing skills.


J-F J said...

I really like this one.Sensational blogging and making words.

I wish i can blog like dat.

Well....Rusell could you please check my blog? I have had to create another one coz i couldn't find the old one i did in class! So confusing.
I might forget my username and passwords dats why i reckon!

Let me know later.


J-F J said...

My blog is: