Sunday, October 23, 2005

The real meaning of the word Idiot.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but the original meaning of the word idiot ( which comes from Ancient Greece) is one who is only interested in private life ie one who plays no part in Democracy. The Greeks were big on democracy, at least for men.
Unfortunately women had to wait another 2500 years or so.
Just thought that was interesting.
Also interesting is the fact Idiot box is slang for TV.

There are interesting winds blowing in Washington at the moment.
Seems there may have been a conspiracy to silence a diplomat who was investigating forged documents used to justify the war in Iraq.
You can read about it HERE
Also some interesting reactions to Australia's anti-terror laws.
Humour is used in this one.
Who are we fighting this week Oceania?
Thats a reference to your favourite book Winston.
I was going to quote a section but decided it would scare my meagre audience.

The week end went quickly as it always does.
I made a feeble attempt to clear some privett from the future rainforest opposite my house.
I didn't get any ticks which totally love me so that was good.
Met my new niece (see below). She had the most bewitching eyes.Seemed to like me.
Of course new borns can't really see much so she might change her mind when her eyesight improves.
May the farce be with you.

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