Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bloggers are people too

Rather proud of some of the blogging that is going on in my classes.
There is some really interesting writing going on.
Some times the English is a little out there but who am I to talk.
Really I feel like I am in some sort of Sci -Fi cybernovel and feel very honored to be at the birth of a new generation of thinkers/dreamers.
Blog on you crazey Diamonds.
This is an interesting rasp on the price of petrol. Want to know how much energy is in a barrel of oil? About the same as a slave who worked for you 12 hours a day for 12 years and we get that for a measly $70. We are bloated on oil like the Maori were on moa birds before they went extinctomundo.
Yes although I like to adher to the myth of the noble savage and have several lovely Maori friends they made a few mistakes back in NZ. They ate their way through Eden and started on each other like a real life nation-wide lord of the flies.
Of course petrol is gonna get more expensive which doesn't worry me so much coz I've got a little Honda that sniffs petrol rather frugally. Also I can't wait for all those sorry mothers in their Toorak tractors who terrorized me much worse than Osama to abandon them on the side of the road.
Finally a cele-braty blogger . The man who writes Boing Boing a huge blog that would be worthy of a critique released his first book under a creative commons license. It's great read if your interested in aquiring stuff which I guess we all are.
What does blogging consume?
A little elect trickery and a lot of time.

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2nified said...

lucky for you. i drive a V6 that drinks bloody petrol as a pre-entree.