Friday, April 13, 2007

Kurt Vonegut RIP

A human has died.
Someone proudly imperfect who changed my life.
Slaughterhouse five was an amazing book.
So was Mother Night and Ice Nine.
And all the others
But the last thing you wrote was so spot on.
A man without a country.
An essay on the barbarians who control the White House and the world.
I'm sad that you wont get to see the palaces of these tyrants torn down.
And they will.
Just like Saddam and Idi Amin and Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler and Stalin and the Gang of Four you Tyrants will get your comeuppance.
Kurt you were a great human being, who always kept me laughing at the follies of man.
Hope the weather is good on the planet Tralfalgadore.
Say hello to Billy Pilgrim.
For those who havent read Slaughter house five(The movie is also good)I suggest you do.

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Tony said...

Amen. I was a big fan as well.