Friday, July 06, 2007

I wanna be a cave man

Totally buggered today after a big day out in the Royal.
Went for a long ride with my old mate Dan( see above).
He lived for a while in a cave.
It was a lifestyle choice.
He was quite comfortable apparently.
It was summmer so it was easy
So we decided to start Australian Cave Dwellers Magazine.
Should be big!
After much laughter we decided to explore these limestone caves I have always been meaning to check out.
Well worth the effort.(30 km bike ride plus 4km hike)
And now we have the cover shot for a most unlikely lifestyle mag.
Also has a great waterfeature.
I always offer to take my international students into the great ozzie bush for a little walk but unfortunatly they seem disinclined.
Maybe it's a result of all those most poisonous animal shows I dont know.
Maybe they are suspicious of my navigational skills?
Viva la cave man!

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