Friday, January 05, 2007

Back to the grindstone.

Hope the holidays were good for everyone.
I went up to visit friends on the central coast.
Swam,read, ate, drank and slept.
Read The Beach which was a top read and made me want to dissapear on a Thai Island.
Now am reading a novel called American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
Which is right up my alley.
This guy gets out of gaol and goes to work for Odin- the nordic god who is a con man since noone worships him anymore.
Neil Gaiman wrote the Sandman series as in the Metalica Song.
We are in to the home stretch with the blogging class.
Have some wonderful posts from the students.
Hope the stragglers catch up.
Remember you must have at least twelve posts.
Photos and movies don't count unless there is a fair amount of text with them.
Now you should work on your blog critique which should be posted up for the world to see.
Say the person who writes the blog reads it?
Quite possible....
Recently Saddam was executed and you can see the video,if you have a ghoulish streak- the photos were enough for me.
A lot of people have a short memory or are too young to know much about him so I link to this excellent obit of his life.
It was another blunder to execute him under such atrocious circumstances.
He went with a calm resignation that made him into a marytr.
I had to admire how bravely he went even though he had ordered the deaths of thousands.
That cant be a good thing.

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