Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm a lazy sod

Couldn't post anything coz I was busy doing other stuff.
Like wandering around in the bush without a torch looking for spirit paths.
Maybe that's just a metaphor.
Just make sure you take a stick for the spider webs.
Had to post something about the stupendous waste of money that was just come to light.
Read this and weep and laugh.
This is it , the Caligula moment, the emporer who ordered the roman legions to attack the sea.
The US have lost/misplaced/whatfuckenever 363 tonnes of $100 dollar bills in Iraq.
$12 billion.
Handed out left right and centre to every Tom Dick and Alli.
Trully it doesn't get more ridiculous than that.
What we could have done with that?
What I could have done with that!
Bought Tasmania?
I am astounded at the stupidity of it all.
Life is worthless, now money is worthless.
At least it woz shrink wrapped so it wont go off.
Now if there was any one left in the whole wide world who doesn't think the US government is wackier than a naked man with one gum boot on could they please contact their doctor for immediate assesment.

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