Friday, March 02, 2007

Connect to country

A mate of mine stayed over the other night.
We are working on a number of things chiefly a project with about 25 Koori kids from a local hostel.
They are recording songs and making a little film.
They are going into the Royal to see the sacred sites, whale carvings and shark people and to gather some bush tucker.
I am going along.
They are an incredible bunch full of energy although I know most of them are missing their family and some of them have had hard lives so far.
It is hard to imagine the lack of opportunities they have outback in some of the aboriginal communities.
I'm encouraging them all to be Prime ministers when they grow up especially the girls.
Predictably they like Rap, hip hop and RnB.
Whatever speaks to you I say.
Anyway next morning after a quick cup of tea I've got this mate out in the Bush regen project planting a rain forest tree beneath the foliage.
When you go to work this morning I say look at everyone in the city and I bet not one other person out of the whole city has planted a rain forest tree this morning.
This makes him feel very special.
I like getting people to plant stuff.
It's a very rooting thing.
Grounding even.
It seem to be different planting a tree on communal land than a rose bush in your front garden.
I guess with a bit of luck the tree will out live the planter and provide shade and beauty for an unknown number of future people.
I guess that could be a wishful metaphor for teaching.
Although weeding and fertilizing could also work!

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Melquiades said...

I wrote a play for my niece's class called, A Will To Survive. basically, it was told from the perspective of several trees who were at threat of their canpopy being thinned for prime real estate.

The Dept of Natural Resources donated 1,000 white pine saplings that we handed out after the play to the families.