Friday, May 11, 2007

Please allow me to excuse myself

What can i say?
Too busy to blog?
I have to learn to say no to things.
Currently I am trying to finish the Documentary on the Aboriginal youth hostel.
Why am i knocking myself out?
It has to be finished by Saturday week for the big birthday party they are having.
Hours of footage to trawl through.
Then chop together into some sort of story.
If you never made a film you have no idea how time consuming this is.
And fiddley.
Then a sound mix.
As well as a song to mix.
As well as teaching 24 hours.
And they just made me a blog and podcasting "champion".
Yes I know, what can I say?
Did I have to defeat any ogres?
or outfox any trolls?
I dont think so but what this totally bogus title means is more WORK!!!!!!
Random people (Read fellow teachers) ask me questions and get me to solve their podcasting, blogging dilemmas for them.
Note to self.
In a future life never go near computers.
Also in this life will avoid all lifts as I got caught in a lift and freaked out just like in a movie.
I knew I woz stuck before I knew I was stuck.
It all fed on itself like a giant De Ja Vu self forfilling prophecy.
Is this the first sign of a work related nervous break down?
I can only hope they put me in a warm safe place a long way from any thing with a screen.

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me was on a ski lift once when it got stuck at the highest point, me was praying to God like never before, finally got unstuck and made it up but me never did that again and never will...