Sunday, June 03, 2007

Here yestaday gone today

Well the doco on the Aboriginal students turned out pretty good.
I'll link to it later when the dust settles.
It was quite emotional playing it to a whole mob of Kooris and them really liking it.
I feel honoured to work with those kids even tho some of them probably thought I was just another uptight whitey.
I might have legs and end up on TV we'll see.
The song feature in the film is very sweet and I'll link to that too.
Now I have some sad news, sad for me anyway.
A lot of my old film clips were on Youtube, it was great to see them again until they just dissappeared.
Gone into the ether.
I of course never got copies of any of them.
Will they ever return?
Am I erased from history?
Did I wear them out?
Does it mean something deeper?
Hardly the library of Alexandria but it was mildy important to me nevertheless.

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