Friday, April 04, 2008

The universe and you

I've been waiting for some good news and I guess this will do.
Watch this video for a greater understanding of the paradox of you and the universe.
You are both at the same time.
Cosmic isnt it?
I have a good friend in hospital who is dying.
So i am contemplating the big questions.
Like whether to love Mac or PC?
I said to someone it's like these two guys have both stepped in shit, one cat shit the other dog shit, and they are both arguing over which smells worse.
Ever met someone attractive down the beach ,beautiful face and body lovely smile.
You talk to them and they are full of charm.
They light up a cigarette which normally you dont like but with them it seems natural like an old school hollywood actor.
Then they casually stub it out in the sand and flick it into the water.
The spell is broken, you see them for the shallow person they are.
Computers are like that too.
Computers are attractive but ultimately shallow and awful.
I understand this isn't what you want to hear from a self-proclaimed podcasting and blogging miester, but I'm dedicated to truth above all else.
So sorry to disappoint you.
The screen you are looking at is illusion.
The naked girl you desire is just a collection of pixels.
Your my space friends have never met you.
The money you made has disappeared in a swirl of binary.
Walk out in to the outside world.
Yes it is messy, full of trouble and suffering and in it you are no longer an avatar with super human powers but it's the one where you really live.

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