Friday, April 11, 2008

Rainman goes to Rockwiz

I have some wonderful students this year.
One of them is a very interesting bloke who is visually impaired and also has Aspergers syndrome.
He has this amazing ability.
He can tell you the top 5 songs from any week from about 1970 to 1995.
He is really smart, positive and personable yet he has never really had a full time job.
The guy is 38 and has never had a real payday.
I believe this is a dreadful failure of our society.
Did I mention that although he has only 20 % vision he is a master of Illustrator and Photoshop?
He has applied for hundreds of jobs but no one will let him get a foot in the door.
Any way on a whim I sent an email to Rockwiz the SBS show. I think I used the words -The rain man of the Australian Music charts, and with in half an hour the main guy is on the phone saying he'd love to get him on the show.
Which poses me with the next problem.
Rockwiz is in Melbourne.
So we will have to raise a bit of money to send this guy down.
Everyone is excited about the prospect but it doesn't seem like anyone wants to front the cash to get him (and probably me) down there.
I'm thinking this might also be a cool little doco especially if he wins.
There isnt any prize but it would just be cool and maybe some one watching would give the guy a break.
Making a documentary is so much work and hassle.
I am still recovering from the last effort so I really want to be sure I want to commit to this.
What do you think?


lily was here said...

Far be it for me to selfishly say 'yeah, make the doco!!', the journey would be a great topic. Id love to help get you both there but im not flash with cash either. Would u be ok with me asking fans to chip in for a worthy cause? Out of little things, big things grow! Im guessing its not the same time as SK either, now that would be cool. RW is my favourite show too. Would they fork out for a special contestant? Anyway, email me if you want to discuss in private.

Can you put a paypal button here?

Peter Podcast said...

Lilly that's a beautiful offer but i wouldn't want to impose on "the brethren". They have to reach into their pockets for other causes. I really thank you for the support as it could be a good little project.
keep reading and I'll keep you informed.

Stephanie said...

Hello Russell

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