Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A word from the Don

Went to see Don Letts at the Manning bar on saturday.
He was the DJ who introduced reggae to the punk scene and vice versa.
Arguably their mightn't have been bands like the Police and latter day Clash if not for his influence.
He became a documentary maker and his Punk Attitude is a corker if you are interested in that sort of thing.
He was also in Big Audio Dynamite who I saw back in the day.
I bought his autobiography, he is one funny geezer.
He is a real inspiration, still fighting "The Man".
Well poking him in the ribs occasionally anyway.
He made this great doco on Parliament and Funkadelic which is one genre I'd kinda missed.
Now it all makes sense especially after watching The Mighty Boosh.
Old Greg has the Funk and milks it..... you have to see it I guess.
I went with a couple of students who were totally into this doco.
So I loaded my pod with Maggot Brain and will try and get the funk.
I know I have a funk deficiency.
Now where did I leave those funky silver boots?

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