Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blogschool is out forever

Yesterday I resigned from the staff at the city college where I was teaching the blogging and the podcastin' one day a week.
I really enjoyed teaching there and I think I inspired a few students in some small way.
The management was strangely non plussed by my announcement.
It is a strange institution, the bureaucrats seem to out number the teachers 3 to 1
I think they are even glad to see the back of me.
I don't think they actually even understood what i was doing.
Getting total neophytes to produce an hour and a half of radio magazine programs a semester was quite a feat esp on the antiquated equipment they had but I had to drop something in order to concentrate on more creative projects.
Teaching is really draining.
Sometimes it sucks the life out of you.
I was doing way too much and it was making me an real unhappy camper.
I've got a new film to make after all.
And I should finish that album that been kicking around.
Seeing our dear friend pass away recently has made me reevaluate some things.
Everything is temporary here on earth.
Every minute is precious.
You've got to choose what you put your energy into.
Talking of energy I dont think they quite realise what the price of oil will do to the international student trade.
Cheap flights will disappear in the next year.
So it's a good time to get out.
Probably the greatest achievement from this blogging thing was talking my dear brother into blogging.
He had the advantage of being himself where as I was always being careful not to go to far on this one.
Sometimes he returns the favour by knocking out a blog that is a great opener for the school of rock which is the other job I have.
I'll post here once a week or so don't tune out.
May you all find the courage to do what you will.


kukutea said...

doing the thing you like is the perfect point of the life.

either do i.

but many many people told me that just a dream. just a few people can make them come true in their real life.

but i still believe i can do i choose photographic. so i will keep my blog going.

thank you for your help in last semester. Good luck for you. Every thing. :P

JY said...

All right, "Forever"!
But I hope we are not out forever!

I will hang your name in the credit of my film in a film festival.

adyt said...

you were one of my favorite teacher's.
i'm so glad we had the the pleasure of exploring things with equal amounts of boldness and creativity.

life's a transvestite by choice.
thats wat i keep telling myself.
and wat i want from life.
is nothing but harmony.
its such a simple term.
yet. so difficult to incorporate.
its not easy to make everyone happy.
so the least you can do is make yourself happy.
and i'm glad you are doing just that.
and yes i'm inspired.truly.
thank you and good luck!

lily was here said...

Students bring you down to earth, its a beautiful thing teaching kids, but yeah the whole "industry" is whacked in many ways, run by teachers who dont want to teach. Often people who've never been out of school! Follow your dreams, make those documentaries, look fw to reading about your pursuits.

Peter Podcast said...

Thanks for you kind thoughts.
I enjoyed teaching you guys and will miss meeting bright young people but I had a higher calling I guess.
Peace and Om Shanti