Friday, October 13, 2006

Bike riders on the storm.

Been on a cycling holiday of the Victorian Alps-well that sounds more impressive than it was but illusion is everything.
Still my thighs have grown a little from carting 20 kilos of stuff around on a bike over several hundred kilometres.
It's called the rail trail coz it is an old railway that has been converted into a bike track.
It never goes up by more than a gentle slope although the brochure makes it seem a lot easier than it is.
Scenery was magnificent though scarily dry.
We met farmers in the pub facing the grim task of selling all their stock because there is no water for them to drink.
There is nothing you can say to some one who is going broke because of the changing climate.
We promised to do a rain dance but it didn't work.
Today will be very hot and I definitly smelt smoke in the air and it's only just turned spring- we are in for a nasty summer.
I used to love summer but now after the terrible heat of Jan 1 it scares me a bit.
We only just made it out of the central coast before the fire came.
Lots of people were trapped on the side of the road in 40 degree heat.
That must have been hellish.
Wish it would scare Little Johnny Howard a bit too.
Although there are signs he is about to change his tune on climate change or climate chaos as I more accurately descibe it.
Because it's a security risk!
Yes burning and dying of thirst is a bit of a security risk.
I'm finding I prefer the cooler climates in my old age.
I grew up in Canberra after all.
Cold weather makes people snuggle up under a blanket but really hot weather makes people angry and exhausted.
This is an Australian perspective.
A sunburnt country an all that
The sun in Europe never has the bite ours has.
Today I start a new class of bloggers and podcasters on their journey.
Then off to the Enmore theatre for some Thai and some space rock.

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